Rats Will Prey on These Animals

Most of us are now aware that Chattanooga rats can be dangerous. They will not only cause destruction in our house, but they are also related to different health hazards. There are instances that the rats will act aggressive especially towards other animals. They will kill and feast on their flesh especially if there is not enough food supply. Based on the research, the presence of blood can draw the attention of the rats. They are known to attack and bite a creature that is covered with blood.

Rats Are Omnivores
The Tennesee rats will enjoy the taste of meat-based and plant-based food. They will eat almost any edible things that will come their way. In fact, it will not be impossible for them to hunt smaller animals such as lizards and mice. They may also fight with our dogs and cats especially if they feel threatened.

Adult Rats will Kill Lizards
Depending on the type of rat, they will kill lizard to eat. The rat may not necessarily attack a large lizard that can harm them. Tegus and the monitor lizard can easily kill the rats. Smaller species of lizards such as Geckos and Lacerta would be an excellent source of protein for the mice. While the rat will not turn into hunting animals for food, they may still kill lizards to satiate their hunger.

Chattanooga Rats Will Kill and Eat Mice
The rats can eat and kill mice, which is a behavior referred to as muricide. Most wild rats will do this since they do not have a lot of options when looking for food source. A few domesticated rats will resort to this behavior. This is an act of predation that may appear odd to humans, but it is totally a normal behavior of the rats.

Natural Enemies of Rats
While the rats will prey on other animals, there are several animals that will attack them. This is the reason why wild rats will have a lower life expectancy rate compared to the rats in the urban areas. Here are some of their enemies.

Weasel-This animal can be encountered in various areas of North America. They are feisty hunters that are known for their crafty behavior. They will feed upon rodents such as the rats. They can track their target by sensing their sounds and their pheromones. They will be mostly active at night, but they can still hunt during daytime.

Snakes-The natural diet of the snakes will include eggs, birds, and of course, rodents. Most of the snakes will love the taste of small mammals such as rodents. The rat snake can be found in the southeastern section of the US. You may also encounter them in Michigan and New England.

It will not be wise to introduce a predator of rat in your house just to control the infestation. Apart from your house cat and dog, other animals such as weasels and snake can cause problem. Seek the help of the rat removal specialist when dealing with a rat-related problem.

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